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Centre for Africa Capacity Building and Development (CACBD)

CACBD is an innovative management training company registered and accredited in South Africa. Our main focus and priority areas are the empowerment of decision makers and policy implementers in all spheres of the economy (Government, Private sector, NGOs, and other developmental oriented institutions). We aspire to contribute to towards poverty reduction in Africa and abroad through our model based and practical approach towards training.
We strongly believe that poverty reduction in Africa can only be achieved if there is correct implementation of policy which ultimately impacts on social and economic growth of economies. Our value proposition is that for self-sustainability, African people must be empowered through exposure to contemporary global capacity building solutions through training which is customised for the African environment underpinned by our application of current simplified methodologies in delivering our courses.
Our programs are dynamic in nature and they harness all the technological skills and application capabilities which are embedded in the majority of our modules. We offer a wide variety of courses and trust that you will be able to partner with us to deliver your most suitable training selection.
By choosing CACBD, you have made the best investment for your organisation and we guarantee you our unparalleled quality focused training. Together we will make this continent a shining beacon of the world. CACBD is an innovative management training accredited by Service SETA and PSETA South Africa.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to be the champions in tangible capacity building and development in Africa.
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